What it is and how is the software developed?

What's that?

Freifunk stands for free communication in digital data networks. We understand free as publicly accessible, non-commercial, owned by the community and uncensored.

Original: Freifunk steht für freie Kommunikation in digitalen Datennetzen. Wir verstehen frei als öffentlich zugänglich, nicht kommerziell, im Besitz der Gemeinschaft und unzensiert.

… or in other words

Pico Peering Agreement (1/2)

Basic rules for free (radio) networks

  1. Free transit (no impairment or modification of the data)
  2. Open communication
    • publish all interface information (free license)
    • available owner, provides at least one e-mail address
  3. No warranty
  4. Terms of use (acceptable use policy)
  5. Local amendments (by the node owner)

Pico Peering Agreement (2/2)


A typical free radio network (1/5)

A typical free radio network (2/5)

A typical free radio network (3/5)

Mostly based on Gluon (4/5)

A typical free radio network (5/5)

Freifunk Franken free radio network (1/2)

Multiple layer 2 islands (Hoods)

Freifunk Franken free radio network (2/2)

Freifunk Franken - keyXchange V1

Until December 2018

Gateway (1/2)

Gateway (1/2)

Freifunk Franken - keyXchange V2

Started at the beginning of 2018

Freifunk Franken - Hood file V2

Where I saw Freifunk first?

Tried it myself in September 2016

Joined community by adding a node

Monitoring Freifunk Franken

Build a local community

Run a dentralized gateway …

Have directional radio

Downstairs …

There was no Perl …


Thank you!


Non-profit status for free radio associations - legal clarification:

Call to Members of Parliament: